Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Small Steps

Quick Update:

Contacted Reupholsterer Man and scheduled on-site quote. (This is big girl grown up stuff y'all.) The quote is what I was expecting deep, but part of me was feeling hopeful that it would be maybe just a smidget left.

With the ManFriend's blessing for all his disgruntled, "why with that chair?" turning into "I get it, it's your knitting chair, it's your Jane Austen chair..." I can't give up on it you know? Oh and what kind of chair is it? It's a Channel Back. And you ask, What does it look like? Why here, lemme show you:

Next Steps: (And here man-friend laughs that I didn't just make Mike the Reupholsterer take it with him right then and there). But I realize that I need to decide if I'm going to look for my own fabric or just peruse Mike's selections. After a few days to think about it, and careful deliberation w/HM. I'm going to call Mike, simply b/c I'm too snaily to actually get it done in a timely fashion otherwise.

I also emailed out for a quote from another closer by, reputable reupholsterer and his quote was still more than Mike's.

I will make an appointment, keep an appointment, pick some fabric, and cut Welsh Upholstery a "wow I could get a new chair" check.

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