Tuesday, April 6, 2010

smellicinations and fantasians

So I'm back at the salt mines and fighting for focus again. It was the hardest in my entire working career (old lady) to return to work. I was really enjoying the life of leisure.

Have to get The Man Friend on my early retirement plan i.e. lotto or second husband ;)

Today MiniMadness aka Shing and I realize we speak fluent Tangent and it is one of our good things we bond on. We don't hold back and try hard to be concise and get to the point. We dwaddle with the description and relate random points along the way. Sometimes she'll encourage me to get there, or I'll tell her she doesn't have to hurry and we just laugh. "I get it," and "It's Okay" are commonly interjected in our conversations.

I watched the rest of the work knitting circle try to track us today. And it was rough for them I felt bad. But not too bad, b/c secret languages are COOL. And when someone else speaks it, you don't feel like such a freak.

I've been hungry today, I brought hodge podge of leftovers for lunch, and you know, I just wasn't satisfied. I have ignored my yogurt and have just settled for water, since I know all other food ingesting would be purely academic, nothing would satisfy me like say:

  • cheesesteaks and crispy waffle cut french fries
  • tunafish with minced dill pickles on japanese rice crackers
  • popcorn with butter, nutritional yeast and either kosher salt or soy sauce.
  • a courtney's bacon tomato sammy

    I swear I could smell bacon in the office at like 2pm today. And then I think someone was eating some kind of barbeque sauce that wasn't too sweet at 1pm. i know it wasn't too sweet.

  • nachos with carnitas or carne asada with guacamole no sour cream from pancho villa with a big ass lemon lime agua fresca
  • crispy romaine lettuce with blue cheese dressing and bacon bits and no i don't care if they are fake right now.

    omg. feed me. i might pass out.
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