Friday, April 2, 2010

Final Full Day

Jackson Packed! as Mom would say. (We think this is a strange bastardization of Action Packed and Action Jackson from the 80s?)

The Kid just wanted Cheerios and to go fishing. The wind was whipping like a mad pastry chef. I packed up my knitting and we went to the pier. I sat in the car, and barked out "caution orders" from the passenger window. "don't lean so far! watch it with the hook, keep the tip down when you reel it in!" etc. You get the idea.

After many snags and mutterings from my mother undoing hooks, they moved to the top point of the pier to have their bait and hooks taken. The winds were so strong, they were forcing parts on the back of my fisherpeople's heads. I had the door open to yell at them, but the wind rocking the car was making me motion sick. However we were treated to a lovely return of a Navy Ship. Lookin' somethin' like this:

Sailors all lined up at attention. You can wave like crazy, but they must remain still.

After fishing and waving we packed it up and went downtown to meet Dad at the Hale Koa for lunch in Waikiki. Mom's navigation skills were ... interesting. We will not be doing mother-daughter Amazing Race anytime soon. In fact, navigation is one of the things we seem to bicker about. I have a tendancy to bicker when one of us says, "I told you I was right." Even when the issue was say, the day before. We love pointing things out like this. Why can't I let it go? Because she's my mother, and depending on the day it overwhelmingly channels my inner, 7, 12, 15 and 20 year old.

Ahh family.

Mom is a riot though, you should've seen her w/The Kid "harvesting" mangos from the backyard. Sending him for help when she twisted her ankle in the "hole" in the ground. Did I mention she's accident prone? Even she was surprised by the incident taking place during, "daylight".

After lunch with Dad we drove and parked by the Zoo and went to go and swim at the walled off section of Waikiki, which The Kid loves. I wanted to go to the section closer to the main beach, but Mom and the Kid found it too crowded. Well, the water was clearer there, because the wall was not as enclosed as the other ones, so it was naturally being flushed. However I took the kid and we walked up and down both sections. We played, he swam, and I burned. Don't you know? Rosey decolletage is all the rage.

After that we went down to Ala Moana ... again, so I could harass the people at the Apple store and they told me what I didn't want to hear, but what I assumed. I really couldn't assess the issues until I got home. drat. That if I wanted to try and load things from another computer, I would probably have to sacrifice all of the things that are functioning currently on the ipod.

Sigh. oh apple, you're like that snobby kid at the liberal arts school that says, "it totally works, it's totally helpful and good for the world, as long as you do like i do where i do it." Cause ... I think that apple is selfish and makes synching and sharing much harder than it should be. Because I think, they are not as intuitive as they say. But! I stop on the haterade since I must give it more time.

Therefore, I will decide if I am drinking koolaid or gatorade by June, once I have tried to do a few more things.

Oh my god, I'm irrational about this. I am embarassed how much I have fretted over the ipod. I try to say it's all in The Kid's name, but the truth is ... it's brought about some kind of OCD disorder, of getting something right.

Okay well really my time in the Apple store was less than 10 mins. I wish I could say that is the minimal amount of time I've bitched about it.

I caught up with Them in Macy's. Mom was putting a bag on hold for my sister. (She got me the same bag, yellow, leather, fossil.) Originally she got her one in black, but kept looking at mine and was like oh black is so boring. Is it okay if I get her the same one. ha! Whatever Mom. Go for it. That's been her obsession all week -- exchanging Lukey's bag. I guess this behavior runs in the family.

The Kid has referred to us both as "Weirdos" more than once. We are gentle with it, since there is a bit of truth with the attitude he dishes, little punk.

We went to the bookstore to get Book Three of the Wimpy Kid series, since he's been tearing through them, and something else requiring a little less brain work for the kid on the way home. We got a Bakugan picture/comic book thing. I was sad because all knitting magazines sucked.

And then as I was pouting in line at the register, Vogue Knitting with a non granny cover sang to me. And irritability just shrank and shriveled like a little old man in the water.

Our last night home, I manned the grill, in my most girly way. I prepacked and we played a board game. I called my Man-friend, and told him I can't wait to see him. We had a good time, but he was definitely missed. We both admitted that we will both probably sleep much better when together.

I am sad to leave but happy to see my sweetheart and my friends. I think of Pearlcream and wonder is it disrespectful to think one of the first things I'm going to do is spend 2 weeks out here? I mean you know casting aside other important fantasy priorities like, paying off debt, buying sf property, buying sf craft condo, saving for college, donating to our public school, and european family vacations?

Do you think the PTA would circle the sharks if I won?

Vacations remind you, you can make things real, even if just part of it. I love that. This is the life as they say.

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