Tuesday, April 13, 2010

That's Not What I Meant.

This happens to me a lot. I start off with good intentions, and then something sort of just ... well I just miss. Let's go with a list for time and sanity.

1. Trying to be helpful by offering to help at school functions and realizing that I have a lot of conditions that need to be accommodated to be helpful. So perhaps I'm not really that helpful.

2.Trying to be supportive of someone in their relationship and then constantly telling them "what you're like" and realizing it isn't really positive or constructive. Embarassing.

3. Thinking I can premake some potstickers and freeze them for later, but then realizing that I didnt mince the veggies so it won't fit properly in the dumpling. Then I decide I'll just make eggrolls instead, but then I realize I poured the semi hot veg onto raw meat and I don't want to kill anyone. Then deciding I'll just fry them up, and figure out the rest later, only to realize that i don't have enough oil to submerge my eggrolls. Well I don't want to have uncooked meat and kill anyone so I finish them off in the oven.

Then I realize, I like the lumpia wrappers better. Sigh.

4. Finding pretty "sparkly yarn" at the craft store and buying it. Finding Shimmery Shawl pattern for yarn and realizing I didn't buy enough yarn. Buying more yarn and knitting 1 ball and well ... that's not what I meant.

Oh well.

I think this list was supposed to be therapeutic. It's making me feel a little goatie instead.

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