Friday, October 22, 2010

Bronze Medal: The Traditional 8th Anniversary Gift

I love it. It's like an A for effort. You got past the itch, not just suck it up for a few more years till you hit double digits. You can brag then. For now, here's something heavy, kinda dirty looking that really is not so decorative as much an excellent potential bludgeoning tool.

We used to try to find each other something small, tokenish made from the suggested Traditional "Hallmark" anniversary item. (Modern gift would be pottery, alternative to both Traditional and Modern I think is Linen. zzzzzzz) No wonder we don't really bother trying anymore.

This year I will create for him, his own bronze medal. He's kind of an Olympian for enduring me through the years eh?

Bronze ... really? I mean who really needs another Degas ballerina right? There's enough to dust!

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