Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October is closing shortly ...

I'm dragging like a 2 yr old without crackers or a nap.

Someone send in the clowns. Never mind, they are scary. Send in the Clouds.

The weather has changed quickly, the days are growing darker at the beginning and end of the day much faster. There is a haste that feels required, and inevitably I am beginning to feel that I will never keep up, or catch up.

I'm prone to crank-up the old "woe is me" machine. I will endeavor to stay positive and stay on track for the sake of the family, the job and yeah, the sanity.

The knitting seems to be the thing that is progressing. I am hoping to do some good organizing this weekend. I managed to get part of the Kid's costume going and measure the cabinets for curtains and the Man-friend replaced the shower curtains ... so we are chipping away.

One of the doors broke on our little kitchen cart. I will have to replace the whole old thing. I found a replacement online, so that is good. The truth is, it's not the piece of "furniture" cheap or not that I want to be focusing on.

Our Anniversary is around the corner. Usually I don't fuss too much, but I do like to celebrate it. However The Man-friend is usually slow on committing to an idea. He's so laid back, everything is like, hmm ... sure.

Which doesn't feel like celebrating does it? Does that sparkle with the glow of a unicorn or a rainbow? Does that smell like strawberry shortcake or lemon meringue? ha. I think not.

So I got pouty and decided it wasn't worth me doing a bunch of planning to make something specialesque, if it was just "sure" to everyone else involved. (Yes I was wearing my martyr pantyhose ... tight fit, but supportive).

Now I will try for something not special, but acknowledged and some-what celebratory for us.

The holidays glare around the corner. I can see the sparkle shiny things, feel the heat of the overused oven, and hear the sound of crinkling wrapping paper and doorbells. It is a busy time of year, and friends and family alike tell each other, "We should really try to do that before the holidays."

I hope so.

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