Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Knitters: Common Threads

I'm a blog slut. I love rubber necking people's thoughts online. You know that "next blog" button at the top of most blogger sites? Yeah, I'm the lady that uses that, and loses like dog years in productivity.

I find blogs so much more intimate than things like Facebook (which I've wavered between haterade and bewitched). The lurking and the sharing on Facebook feels so much more suspicious to me than just blogs. I wish I could explain it better with a thoughtful analysis, but I'd be bullsh*tting you if I said I had that in me just yet. Everytime I try, phew, I'm exhausted, and I've got some other crap I really should be focusing on.

Anyways back to my blog appreciation. I have my favorites, and believe it or not, they are all not knitters. But the majority of the blogs I return to are Knitters, with a Knit-centric perspective of life. Yet I find the topics and themes that I appreciate transcend the knitting. For example:
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Obsessive desires to organize
  • Home Improvement -- basically ANYTHING DIY
  • Fiction Reading
  • Mysteries/Cop t.v. shows
  • Animals/Cats in particular
  • Photography
  • Gadgets and links to cool impulse buys
  • Rants on misplaced items, bad shopping manners and bad oublic displays of behavior.
I know there are other things, but those are my fun favorites.
Knitting blog turn-offs. Taste my jealousy.(Obviously positive and negative tastes are all personal, and reflect my issues.)
  • Sock knitting, multiple pictures of sock knitting in progress -- I know this doesn't make sense since I like knitting blogs like the Yarn Harlot and Crazy Aunt Purl, but it's true. Those are the post that not only does my mouse gloss over, so do my eyeballs.
  • Healthy eating - OMG just, no, I don't care how fantastic your photo skills are, you can't make your Quinoa and roasted squash with balsamic woo me. NON! I'm still cow chewing just thinking about it!
  • Angelic children. Bah boringo! Give your weirdos, your goofballs, your nose-picking, butt scratching, crayon wall tatooing artists. The ones that have learned sarcasm and the side-eye by pre-school. And please enjoy knitting for them as toddlers, because they won't wear it much longer, what YOU want I mean.I don't prefer demon spawn or rebels, but no need for stepford children that look like they walked out of a east coast children's catalog (I'm lookin' at YOU J.Crew. eww I mean ... crewcuts. ick. nast) But this all stems from my firm suspicion of angelic children. My kid is a good kid, but he is NO angel, and as documented here, I get plenty of appropriate side-eye.
  • People with photos of their neat organized homes that look like show rooms. I swear the complex they give me is hideous. I see the "new" items they've used to improve things and I feel a hives outbreak coming on. so jealous
Best thing about blogs is seeing people improve their lives and I think, I want to try that! I want to make an effort! I want to Knit!

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  1. I think FB is more superficial in general (of course that's not always the case) because it's limited to just a sentence or two. A blog allows the writer to become more introspective. And while I love FB b/c it allows me to stay caught up with friends/family without actually having to talk to them, I also love the intimacy of a blog. Plus, I love reading through blog archives and see how the blogger has progressed. One of these days I'd like to print out Yoshi's blog into a series of books. So they can sit on my already cluttered coffee table.

    You and I should do a de-clutter-along.