Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Damn you Canon!

So yes, everyone knows I have been coveting the Canon S90 for a year. Everyone knows that I have not purchased it because there are other more responsible things to purchase when I am not some photo-good-interested person. I will never learn or use half the features I suppose that are in built in there.

Oooo but they are there.

Oooo. I keep it in my Amazon "save it for later" cart and watch the price. Hoping ... it would squeak below $350. It hasn't.

Guess what? Canon came out with the sister Canon S95. And guess the F what? I like her too. Honestly I don't need the HD video stuff -- esp. since I spent money on an HD flip we never use ... (argh) But I like some of the other overcompensating feature for shakey camera family.

See pretty sister here: Canon S90

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