Friday, October 15, 2010

Freakin' Weekend ...

So here we are Friday. I am not as jazzed as I'd like to be. I'll blame Man-friend that correctly pointed out that even if it was Saturday I'd have to wake up butt early for a Sunset District soccer match.


But since I've been piss and vinegar this week, I think I need to focus on a quick list of HAPPY that without a doubt fits in a weekend.

* Ate a chicken cheesesteak for lunch.
* Gonna knit like a mo-fo this weekend.
* True belief in kitchen cupboard curtains.
* Impulse buying an Etsy Kitchen Conversion Chart Poster. Lovely No?
* I get to cheer loudly at soccer this week. No more "Silent Saturday" game yay!
* I get to see my Niece Ms.M. aka Madame Purple.
* I get to see old friends from out of State.
* I get a chance to clean my house a little.
* Making BIG LISTS of more to do ...
* I feel completion around the corner. I SWEAR it!

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