Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unfinished Knitting Business

I refuse to describe them as objects, because it sounds so souless, and honestly even if I am on auto-pilot on the same damn projects, I need to find my fake love.

I was feeling a little forlorn yesterday. I couldn't find my tapestry needles, I had to back out the golden shawl again. (Why is it so hard for me to stop knitting that thing when I'm tired? Why? for the love of yarn WHY?)I'm still backing out the shawl. I hope to get back to a good place tonight.

My pretty yarn called to me last night. But I left it in the bin to multi-task iTunes and knitting ... hmm maybe that's where things went wrong.

However this morning The Man-Friend got The Kid to school and I REALLY should've utilized that time to get to work early and catch up on the firestorm of backlogged work I've acquired while in training ... but ... I decided to visit my yarn. I saw this fun brown novelty yarn that would make a FUN winter scarf. I will allow myself to swatch it. I shoved everything back in the bin with a healthy dose of longing and regret.

No fears, yarn my love, I bought lotto tickets, one day, some day we will roll around in the smell of wool and silk together, laughing at our prior days of estrangement.

Crap I am so over "have to" work right now. I have to dangle the knitting carrot over my head. Do your chores and then you can knit ... CRAP. boringo eh?

I have so much to do! My friend K-Step and I decided to pick our charity for this year: It's a good cause, something realistic to do during the holiday season and it's a good stash buster. I think Martha Mese will throw down a few squares as well.

I ran into Sweater Guru, "The Quiet DA" yesterday. I barely got a chance to give her a hug and ask her how she has been doing after a bit of a hiatus, and she was whipping out all kinds of Brooklyn Tweed patterns and telling me what yarn she was going to match. Lady has an eye for a pattern if I might say.

Mlouis has been shopping for a new scarf pattern ... and I was thinking I really want to do cables, and I miss chunky yarn ...

Eye on the prize ... eye on the prize.

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