Friday, October 22, 2010

Knittin' Weather

Yes, yes, I know we talk about Knittin' Weather all the time. But I mean it I really do! The air is fuzzy gray with drizzle and it smells colder and fresher like fall. I feel like I should make something homemade and do old timey activities, play board games and sip tea.

I frogged part of a handwarmer last night, b/c I had a case of the dry drunk stitch count. wtf. Anyways, I didn't have to frog the entire thing, so that is good. I'll take another stab this weekend and if I yuck it up again I will just put it away and do something else ... enjoyable, like cream coloured self-striping yarn. ahhhh.

The weather is supposed to remain gray and wet for the weekend. I'd love to do nothing but watch movies and knit, and walk in the drizzle with The Kid. However there are chores, and nephews to attend to, which will bring it's own homey fall feeling with a little voice in a big head in the house and the smell of clean.

Baby big head's visit usually means I can persuade The Kid to relive some Disney glory days ... which will give me some knitting time while their innocence basks in the corrupting glow of the t.v. light.

:) Giant's games cause me too much grief, I don't even bother trying to pick up the needles half the time. I realize I use my "Mom" voice on the t.v. If only those boys would live up to their EVERYDAY potential ... I wouldn't have to nag and I wouldn't have an ulcer.

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