Thursday, October 14, 2010

Can't Talk Must Knit ...

Somewhere again I have found the zone. I have found the progress last night for a few hours of counting, and double-checking on a golden shawl of shame, and shushing my Man-Friend.

I managed to not carry my yarn in my bag all day, so when I came home last night from dinner w/the Kid (who was a very bad date and ignored me for his reading material, so I had to listen to an annoying snobby high maintenance lady whittle down her dining friend's patience) I was ready to knit.

When I put my purse down this morning and prepped for a day of documentation. Ack. I saw my In progress work project and feel ready to knit.

I looked at the lack of pictures in my list and feel ready to knit. In between fits of writer's block I visited some wonderful knitting sites/blogs from what sound like nice and intelligent people and feel ready to knit.

Guess what I'm doing at lunch? Not fixing my grammar. HA!

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