Thursday, October 7, 2010

Knit it up Knitty

Okay I just need to blow off some more knitting steam. sorry for the 2 of yous that read this.

1) What up with's fugalicious patterns? It's so Hippie Heavy.

2) Why are all the needles in my life abandoning me? I feel ... lonely. Like a girl with all kinds of 10, 10.5 and size 7 needles, but not a 4 or 5 in sight!
US 8 Mr. & Mrs. Tapestry where did you go?

3) Damnit all these fancy knitter bloggers are like, "Ohhhh, fall is a comin' I must cast on a new sweater! Oooooo! Look at all these gorgeous colored yarns." Jerks. I might have to bribe the quiet DA to cast on a sweater for me, and then I'll be seen with it. Give it back to her and she can make progress and I'll tote it around again, and repeat pattern until I "make" my hand-knit sweater. ha! hmmmmm...

The Quiet DA recommended I stick to simple sweater patterns. However I can't stop eyeing this. I think my sausage rolls might actually be able to wear it. Madelinetosh. mmm. delish.

4) I keep meaning to bring in some mini-fig yarn for Snoopy, but it just sits in it's ziplock in my room. I wonder if I'll ever get around to making one. I feel so knitting intimidated now.

5) Which leads me to... Originally I wanted to make Henry a Harry Potter "H" Sweater for Christmas this year. Am I crazy? (Technically it should be a Mrs. Weasley sweater)

It needs to cool down a bit here in SF. It's actually too hot to knit before bedtime. On the other hand I'm actually getting around to walking during the lunch hr.

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