Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Arizona Time

The header is lame. Sounds like badly designed iced tea cans, but honestly, Arizona time has been really nice. We were excited about just seeing everyone and hanging out, but we were surprised that Uncle Eee took so much time off with his family. There was no obligation or anything, but just to hang out.

I went shopping in the morning on Monday with my SIL and her Sis and baby R. It is true what they say about the sale racks in Arizona. My SIL gave me the thumbs up on an impulse shirt for $5. ha! We met the boys back at the house where The Kid was reveling in the loot from a local candy store they visited and watching cartoons with his Uncle and Aunts other kids The Boxer Dog Boys. Just cozy family time.

Lunch at the Tata's house was tasty and fun. Everyone was there for that all generations, all brothers. There are oranges and pools in every one's backyards. The Arizonians think it's cold enough for sweaters, and outdoor heat lamps. Recycling rules seem ... very different than San Francisco. My son's love for dogs is insane.

Yesterday we went to Lee Lee's Oriental Market. I am kicking myself for not taking pictures.  However they probably wouldn't have made it up here anyhow. This place was giant like 99 Ranch.

Asian prepared food take away stall? (Mese bahn mi?) check.
Chinese restaurant with cooked hanging fowl in the windows? check.
Aisles upon aisles of cans, jars, and odd and familiar fresh and frozen produce? check

Things that set it aside? All the Asian Countries were segregated. An aisle for Japanese, An aisle for Korean etc. It was awesome. Asian foods included Middle Eastern and Indian. They had bins of bulk fresh bamboo, a serious selection of frozen dumplings. (They had Shanghai dumplings!)

So we went back to the house and made a bunch of food for lunch. We made chicken wings on the grill, sausage rolls, a berry puff pastry tarte, (mainly for the kids), pork belly, two kinds of gyoza, and sizzling rice soup. The kids were okay however the family doesn't really eat chicken wings. I understand, but it is so different than the way I grew up eating. "We don't eat a lot of chicken wings (boys), it's the skin and a lot of work." It's true! I also think that's what I learned to prefer about it. Better for their health! Better for my taste buds.

I worry the leftovers are cluttering their fridge, but they are too sweet to say anything.

My BIL was going to take The Man Friend his littlest brother to the hockey game last night. It sounded fun and my SIL loves Coyote hockey as well, which I knew, but we were chatting about it. Next thing I knew, she got us ALL tickets! I was excited I had never been to a professional game before. Wow! they got us seats from their very kind friends who have a box. The Kid and I and SIL and Baby were up there while the boys were down RIGHT by the ice in their season ticket holding spot. Whoa. Blood on ice. So weird to see Refs allow them to fight without stopping it! I felt like I was at the school yard and wondering where the "Supervision" was. ha! Obviously I don't really know hockey eh?

The Kid was pretty wowed in the beginning but then restless, which embarrassed me. I know he's a kid. But no feet on chairs, don't act bored, when someone was kind enough to bring you with them. Your being here represents someone else's effort on your behalf. I don't know how to explain that. He is so sick of me nagging everything right now. I am too! I am sick of the sound of my own voice and his name!

I know Man-friend's family want to make this a fun and special time (hence the potato gun) which they have, so generously so. However "de-programming" his ass is may be special but it will not be a fun time. heh. I see his sense of fun has become entitlement. I had to give him the Read for 15 minutes thing before he could do anything electronic today. See? Evil Mom again.

Today we see Reecey and her Minion for breakfast/coffee. I will try to run the boys to Barnes and Nobles at some point to get them some reading material for the flight home. (Manly the husband) Our flight is already delayed and I sense some airport downtime.  Lunch with the grandparents and we are off.

Back to California, but real life and real work are at bay for a few more days since we have the rest of the week off. There will be chores but the pace will be relaxed.

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