Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cookie Crazy: Cookies Greatest Hits

Lots of people are into some serious Baking Business right now. I won't lie, I'm right there with them. This year my MIL suggested I bake cookies for the families out in Arizona. So it got me to thinking, why don't I bake a few tins for people out here.

HM took one look at my tin sizes and said I was insane. I have decided on smaller tins for local/work friends, and saved 3 larger ones for the Arizona Families. These must be filled by Thursday morning so my BIL and his wife and daughter can drive them out in their RV Thursday night. Seriously. They are driving to Arizona in an RV during Christmas time.

I love their bold and beautiful crazy.

I have been prepping myself for this moment. I have been doing my best to identify recipes in and out of my repertoire that will not make me crazy trying to replicate but won't be super boringo to eat either.

I have been perusing the blogs. And shocker! Knit and Craft bloggers are kind of cookie obsessed too. But it makes sense, it's methodical, there is an exactitude and of course an opportunity for personal spin. Lemme show you some examples.

Panopticon, who I will check twice a weekday to see if he's updated his blog. (He's really smart and funny and creative smart) had a fantastic nostalgic cookie post.

A friend to knit with not only had some photos that made baking look pretty and fun, she had a link to a cookie recipe. I think I will try to recreate these, chilling the dough for refrigerator slices.

Yarnharlot  gave me some hope that I will come out of the Cookie Extravaganza of  the winter of 2010 A-Okay. Not only did she have festive cookie photos, but photos of knitting and happy family too. Dang man. These people and their Martha-ness ... it's enough to give one a complex. (Thankfully I have too many to be bothered with acquiring another this holiday season.)

Well drawing from examples I have my strategy:
Monday: Bake Milk chocolate & dried cherry cookies for co-workers and friends. (batch 1)
Tuesday: Make Chocolate Crinkle Cookie dough. Make sliced cookie dough. Chill both over night. if time Bake one batch of semi-sweet and cherry.
Wednesday: Bake Chocolate Crinkles and Sliced sugar cookies - pack Arizona cookie tins
Thursday: Chocolate Kisses Thumbprints and Nutella and Jam sandwich cookies

Thursday may remove one batch and Tuesday may switch-up the semi-sweet and cherry for thumbprints. Not that you care about details. But I do damn it, this is cookie logic we're talkin' about.

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