Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CommonTators Commenting

I have crossed over from internet blog gawker to personal blog poster. Now I have gone to the true dark side, posting comments on other people's blogs.

I suppose I should clarify and say that it's not the TRUE dark side. After all, I'm not leaving comments of acid and vinegar. In fact I posted a few times to show support to other bloggers I don't know. I entered a contest or two (and I won! Randomly Generated ... That's Me!) I also like to comment on my friend's blog, it's really interesting to watch her explore her interest in photography, and just see her artistic talent on display. The best is by knowing the blogger, the voice is even stronger to me when I read.

It's amazing what people share, and though there are many sides of a person that may stay hidden, it's nifty to see at least one.

As far as my comments go, I think it's okay, there are only nice things to say. I haven't become one of the angry regulars on SFGate. In fact I highly doubt I'll ever post there, all my indignation still prevents me. Nice things to say in nice places. It may seem really superficial, but honestly, I don't see how it's wrong.

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  1. Yes, you're not on the Dark Side until you become one of those mean SFGate commenters. I don't know why I read those comments, but I'm totally addicted to them. It's like watching a train wreck.

    And now, back to work! Must. Stop. Reading. Blogs!