Monday, December 27, 2010

Knitting Catalogs

I admit I like to peruse online Yarn/Knitting stores. I like to see what kind of nifty gadgets they are offering. I like to see what other yarns are out there that I haven't "discovered" yet at my own local yarn store and of course ... I like to see if there are any better deals on certain things I did see and loved beyond my budget at the local yarn store.

I like to think that this little habit of mine is supporting the Fiber Arts community.

I am happy to know at least 2 friends at work in the Craftastic Club keep their catalogs in the bathroom too. I'm not as shameless in losing time as The Kid with the LEGO catalog at least.

Knitting catalogs build my hopes and dreams, they let me relax, they allow me to give (to others via online purchasing or 1-800 calls.


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