Saturday, December 11, 2010

Knitting Nothing

Knitting Nothing. That's me. or Ellen 0 for Knitting. Okay that statistic only kind of makes sense even to me.

I knit a handwarmer for The Shell. But I'm worried the bind off is too tight. So I started working a second one figuring I'll compare, and I can alwyas fix the first one. Well, almost finishing the ribbed cuff, I note a purl where a knit should be. Hmm. Well forget that. I frogged it. I will try again, later.

These handwarmers, the angry yarn that seems to fight and break in my hands is beginning to make this knit job feel like a chore. And, I said that I would knit 2 pairs of them. Sheesh! I was so fed up with the yarn, (Crystal Palace Taos) seeing how I still had 2 more balls left, I even offered the Quiet D one. She said she'd take it for a hat (the color combinations are quite lovely) but at this rate, I'll have broken and frogged so much I'll need it!

In times of project frustration, knitters usually turn to another project, but because I have a self-imposed deadline, I'm not really knitting much else.
The Scowl is languishing in the bedroom, but I have been trying to focus on sleeping a little. A girl can survive on 6 hours, but that doesn't mean she should.

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