Thursday, December 2, 2010

December already

As one of the nice Social Worker's said to me the other day after asking about my Thanksgiving Weekend, "Now it's 'All Hands' and 'Pedal to the Metal' from here on out."

True, I think that New Year's Day is beginning to look like some convoluted finish line. I think I am getting better at minimizing my rehashing of the year and my ineptitude at completion. It's still an issue, just an improvement.

Honestly I have more loose ends than I'd like to have, but the one that I'm obsessing about the most, is not being able to knit as much as I'd like. I mean really, I can't have it too bad right? Besides part of the reason I haven't been knititng as much is because I've been doing things during my half hour lunch like walking, and I've been going out to dinner with my family and friends in the early evening and ... I've been reading in the later evening. Sooooo knitting and cleaning have been shoved to the side.

I have been gently toiling away at the Tuesday Night "Scowl" - (based on a cowl but is now a scarf) trying to figure out what my next steps are, since the Harry Potter sweater seems intimidating and another shawl feels very ... L O N G.

Then I remembered I want to make a few handwarmers with nice yarn for some friends in England, and that is exactly what I'm going to do...

This weekend, I will do my best to appease the knitting & cleaning gods, while obeying the rules of filial duty and I'll be damn festive about it as well! Fa ... la freaking LA!

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