Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Phone-Free Organic Me

If you know me in the real world you will have to stay in touch via email until I get a replacement phone. The Man Friend and I had a less than successful trip to AT&T last Sunday. Our crazy notions at getting smarter with a Smart Phone together in a reconciled family upgrade and plan was blown to smithereens. For various timing reasons our upgrades are completely due at different times. Because we both want iPhones, the conditionals for early upgrade are even more specific. Honestly I don't need a fancy phone. I sit in front of a computer. But The Man Friend checks his email so rarely, I know before he knows his mother's travel plans etc.

Truth be told being phone free has been liberating. Plans are made, plans are kept, an effort to be punctual is even stronger.

The HM of course has embraced this fully. She has chucked her phone (which is barely on anyways) and figures, she can make contact before and after leaving critical points like home, work, friend's house via landline there or another person's cell. She has no kids, she has no pets, her immediate response to emergencies are tempered by having other people as fall-backs (siblings), her own response if needed shouldn't be too far behind.
I sent an email to The Kid's school and after school program to let them know, the cellphone number is pretty useless at this point. I'm usually at work, I may have only stepped away. I'm never gone for very long, and well ... there's always his Dad.

The best thing, is things feel more concise. There is no more negotiating, "Call me when you get there, call me when you're near... Call me if you're going to the store."

It's, "Hey I'm leaving work am I meeting you at dinner or at home?" or "I have to stay late at work. You have to get The Kid."

Easy Peasy.

Does it mean I have forsaken my desires for the iPhone and noting cellular service availability and live the life of HM's cellular celebacy? Hmm, no. I'm just not panicked to replace it. In fact I might enjoy it a little longer.

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