Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Days

The December days are severely marked. The Kid has one week and 1 1/2 days of school left till break. His parents are going to play the "fly by the seat of your childcare pants" game which probably involves a day bussing tables for dad (He is cute as long as he doesn't drop jam on any of the hipster child haters) and a day plugged into an iPod and comic book in my cubicle.

Holiday Cards are not designed, and therefore cannot be printed, shipped, signed and mailed. These may be New Year's cards ...

I am behind, I am always behind. However I feel some relief now. Maybe I'm still riding the high of having a craft tower (I could really use 2). Maybe it's the success of replacing Henry's bookshelf -- though the old one is still sitting in the hallway. Maybe it was the Oysters and white wine I treated myself on the way home from turning in school art projects that took me longer than I anticipated ... especially with procrastination. Then again, I needed to do a lot of it at work, that is um not during work hours so I should remember that for next year.

Quick shout out to home-slice Little Snoopy ... sorry you often get my scattered, recap of where's my head madness. You're like the first grown-up I talk to in the morning. Not my best side, but I do shower for you ;)

Anyways where was I discussing relief? Yes, but now, some holiday cards and wrapping and gift boxing, I think I can do this. My weekend balancing act is getting better. So this Saturday I shall strike again! I must fight the urge to dwell on what isn't getting done, and focus more on the doing and the enjoying and ho ho hoing of it all. For as I was sadly reminded this week. Not only are December Days numbered, but all of them.

Should always be the season to be merry! Oh and to say, "Falalalala!" Right???

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  1. That's funny you think I'm a grown up! And forgive me for knitting too much on your project last night. What can I say? I had yarn and needles in my hands, I couldn't stop.