Sunday, April 3, 2011

Accomplishments, More Excuses and the Random

Tomorrow is Monday folks, and I'm okay to tell you, I'm hanging in there. Somehow I will get out of it with a few things work and personal done. I cannot bear anymore weight.

I managed to participate in bringing decent snack besides a bag of veggie chips to the soccer match this Saturday so I feel like I appropriately earned Soccer Mom this weekend.

Much to our mutual amazement the Manfriend and I bonded over 8am coffee, local news and churning through our overstuffed dressers to get rid of 3 big bags of unnecessary clothing and an ugly old college roasting pan.

I did swim. It was short and sweeter than usual despite some weird new clicking/soreness I get in my shoulder. Not the joint, but like where they give you shots. Drat this age = decline thing is really getting on my nerves.

While out swimming I found out it was the last day the pool would be open. The Mission Pool is the only outdoor public pool in San Francisco. Many are not surprised at this, since we live in a foggy city, but if you've ever been "a swimmer" at any point in your life, you probably know, that nothing compares to swimming outside. I love the overcast swim. Your head doesn't overheat, there is no glare between the sun and the water, and usually it thins out the crowd. Anyhow, they are closing the pool to do some remodeling  for almost 2 years?? (let's hope they level out the women's locker room floor and deslipperyfy it, and remove some odd recreation swim stains on the walls -- hey I said it was Public!)

After my swim, I headed up to Bi-Rite and got some provisions for the family. The Mission was chockful of people, outfitted in their sunshine best. Everyone seemed pleased to be in the warm weather on a weekend. I think as long as you didn't have any expectation of getting anything quickly people were relatively pleasant. I wish I had taken pictures of it's bright energy, regardless of how much black some of the hipsters wore. It's crowded all along the 18th / Dolores corridor. The line for the Bi-Rite creamery ice cream went on and on ...

I bought mine with the groceries. I was on my way to pick up The Kid at the L-R household (I even got them some ice cream  too! But there I was walking up 18th street, and I was going to cast on the Moody Kerchief in the evening. Imagiknit is just a block or two away ... surely I could benefit from size 10 Addis ...

So yes, the ice cream ALMOST melted while I went in for needles, and walked out with two hanks of Madelinetosh sock yarn for a shawl for my BFF AL.  I am so weak. I laughed rather awkwardly with the nice shop girl about me always buying needles. She's like, oh you must be in the middle of a "needle conversion".

Why yes, yes I am.

In fact I feel a knitting post coming on.

See you there.

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