Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kitchenware & Greed

Today I took some time. I perused the web. I went to see:
  • who was cooking what
  • who was knitting what
  • what i could possibly cook or knit
  • what the heck ding dong donkey kong dress am I going to wear to The Colonel's retirement ceremony in Hawaii.
What did I find?

I found tentenknits has got an excellent ribbon simple drop stitch pattern that I am going to use for my novelty fuzzy brown yarn that I've pulled out 2 times. I got this yarn at Stiches West 2 years ago .. and as much as it makes me angry, I can't let it go. Wow, sounds like an ex-bf eh? haha. Well better to have dysfunction with a yarn than a person.

I found Pioneer Woman having a contest for All Clad cookware. WTF. Really? That's beyond impressive. I probably don't need anymore cookware. The Manfriend looks around anxiously whenever I return from Sur La Table or Crate and Barrel these days with new sheet pans or just cupcake liners.  Still ... it would be so nice. I've posted on contests before, because the post has been interesting enough to comment on and said, I decline any possible drawing. Not This Time. Dooode (as The Kid says), it's ALL CLAD. I would learn to breakdown a whole chicken for HM to justify it. I know there is no logic or correlation to that statement, just go with it.

Ugly truth: As much as I appreciate nice kitchenware I will always keep a Non Stick around AND I don't like the nice wok I have. It doesn't seem to work well on my stove. Stove not range people. I'm not a fancy lass, just a cranky one.

Tomorrow there is PTA and afterwards I need to pull some cookie dough out of my sunshine spot to bake for the bake sale the following evening. Most people don't need to prep cookie dough two days in advance, but this work thing gets in the way.

Anyways, I keep thinking how am I going to host 2 batches of cookie dough in the fridge, it's chockful from my grocery run with Lu, AND the boys have post swimming lesson pizza leftovers. Drat. I swear unlike some women getting the logistics of my fridge contents to fit is like a freakin' rubix cube workout. ugh.

No matter. My cookies will be big and pretty and all the children will want one, so HA!

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