Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On My Kind of Crazy...

Sometimes I like to tell The Manfriend stories. Sometimes they are real life stories that I was somehow mixed up in the thick of things, or they are stories that other people have told me. Sometimes they are stories that I have read on the wild wild interwebs.

I think it is important that I tell him stories, because he lives such a sheltered, insular life. His brushes with crazy are really regulated to the brief moments in the service industry. When he is not at the restaurant, he's primarily at home. I think traffic should be removed from the equation completely.

(I really am generous aren't I? So helpful and fair.)

Me: isn't that weird?

Him: Yes, but you know ... people ...

Me: Yes, but seriously, I couldn't help but think ... who? What kind of crazy is that? I mean  I'm not that kind of crazy.


Me: Well remember, this kind of crazy sleeps next to you every night ... except for when I'm sleeping ... WITH MY EYES OPEN

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