Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crap I'm figuring out: The Update

  • Just cause there is still more food in my lunch bowl, I don't have to eat it.
    • But I really want to, so maybe if I decide to eat it 2 hrs later it's not so bad.
  • I snore. I have officially woken myself up with my snoring. It's not too bad, small mammal, possibly piglet like. It could be worse. I've definitely woken up to worse ... ;)
  • Microsoft Office Word formatting tool REALLY doesn't like me.
  • That I think I may be a cat lady w/o cats. You know, like a dry drunk. I realize what some friends consider part of my "charm" is just very uncomfortable and awkard to others. K-Hill calls this, "social anxiety". The question is, is it theirs, or mine?
  • August birthdays are a pain in my summer scheduling butt. Seriously, all that holiday season humping has become a logistical nightmare for properly honoring all the friends & family. Throw in SFUSD's new early August school start date ... What do you think, egg nog or holiday nostalgia? I wonder if there are a lot of August babies in the southern hemisphere, where it's not so "cold" that people must huddle for warmth ... where is my almanac??
  • I cannot control my knitting babble at all. I try, I really do. I have good friends that remind me, people who don't knit, find your knitting boring. They don't get it. No, they cannot make the parallel with something they are obsessive about ... stop boring people with your knitting. It's like I'm the kid that didn't learn  "Someone can ask you, 'How is it going?' but not really want to know how you are or what you are doing." Honestly if they ask me that, it will devolve to knititng anyhow. Wow pathetic much?
  • 95% of the time I use the word "precious" it's meant in sarcasm. I blame HM.
  • Not all dry erase markers are created equal. Some smell like earthy @ss and others smell SO clean and fantastic. Why is that? And what indicators should I look for to make proper purchase? I love the smell of the clean kind.
  • I suck at knitting things to gauge. I am the chubby lady that knits small.
  • I am okay with the word chubby. It makes me feel less fat and more cheerful. I realize I shouldn't describe other people this way even if they are okay with the term.

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