Monday, April 25, 2011

Bachelorette Sunday

The Manfriend was insistent he was taking the Kid for overnight car camping at Samuel P. Taylor. What a perfect way for father and son to enjoy a Monday furlough day, but to scramble some eggs and fry some bacon on a campfire.

It mattered little to my Godless heathen of a husband that it was Easter -- he promised me they'd burn some Peeps in the honor of it all. Honestly, I was fine subtracting one more obligatory holiday from my calendar. Honestly I was excited to be alone.

The Kid had spent the night at his BFF's house so we had to go pick him up. The Manfriend stopped by his new storage for his camping gear to show me where it was as well. (Can you say HORROR MOVIE BUILDING?)

After picking him up they drop me at the nail salon where I barely get a "bye mom". The salon isn't open yet, so i work my way over to the used bookstore. Used bookstores have such charm for me. They make me feel young in the midst of all that old paper smell. I love that there is a diva orange tabby that sits on the counter and stares disdain at you when you pay. I was overwhelmed by author and genre though. I opted for The Atlantic.

I read it with my breakfast (carnitas scramble) at the counter at Chow. Such a fun read, "How Genius Works" . I liked the short story by Stephen King too, even if it was kind of dark for me these days. A little dose of suicidal tenadancies keeps ya' sharp right?

After a super mellow breakfast, I got a mani/pedi and took my easter egg blue toenails downtown to begin mission, "Get a dress for Dad's retirement ceremony".

The Mall was closed. Macy's was closed. Crate and Barrel was closed (hey! I needed an ice cream scoop!)

Zupan called and said she couldn't get out of her shift that night so there would be no Besties rack of lamb/Easter-esque meal.

That was okay, the whole shopping mission was bringing me down. Being that unclothed in front of mirrors for such a number of hours during the daylight is painful. There was no wine in this situation people. Clothing hangs on the lumps and bumps of my body geography in ways that are more than just "between sizes". Ugh. I found something that will work for Hawaii, but really I'm not IN LOVE with it. I'm settling. That's okay it will get use, and I already got rid of the equivalent dress, so it's a good swap one settle for another ratio.

I ended up meeting up with Zupan and walked her down to her shift on 24th st. I helped her take down bar stools, read some more of my magazine chit chat catch up and drank a juice glass of beer like an old lady. And then I left around 7pm because I wanted to get home before dusk, when old ladies need to donn their shawls and feed their 8 cats.

Anyways, faced with home and realizing it was so late the house depressed me. All the pretty dresses in the world wouldn't have made up for the self loathing at the state my home was in. (That is SUCH a lie.) I had nothing to show for my free time. No laundry, no dishes, no nothin'. I did both, ordered some much craved chinese food and watched absolutely crap t.v. I barely knit.

There was no noise but my own faffing around. It was delightful.

On the otherhand I didn't really have to "wind down" since you know, no-one was whining ... haha. HA! Which meant I stayed up too late watching t.v. trying to fall asleep. Don't misunderstand, I wasn't struggling, it just was that way.

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