Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Krazy Knitting

I have succumbed to the knitting krazies. It's really bad right now.

Then again, so are things at work.

So back to what I know and do ... overcompensation mode.

Things were going along swiftly with my Moody Kerchief until I as defeated by YO K2tog. I know right? like WTF? The world's simplest two stitches. I'd say it's easier than Knit, Purl, since there isn't all this directional change right?

Well I think it was because there are repeating rows of the YO k2tog and one must pay attention to how the yarnovers lay ...

Anyways, I after jacking that, fixing that ... I finished it! Well technically it needs a loose bindoff, a block and some weave-ins. But WHATEVS, my point is there are no more stitches to go clickety clack on the needles.

So I returned to what should be called the "Endless Cardigan". I brought it with me over the bridge and had my sister in law try it on. She can sport it for sure. Knowing it has a recipient also has given me a little more spunk for the project. Okay not as much as I actually need.

What can I say? That's a lot of stockinette. The good thing is I get to benefit from my Knit Along groups projects and can tell you --  I will not be increasing so much. There is a lot of volume in this design.

So ... what to do? What to do? How about another shawl? How about that fancy stripes one we saw the HM working on? Cool Beans!

Truth? Slow Start. Also, this is some skinny yarn and some skinny needles. I know not as small as Little Snoopy habitually uses but still ... for me this is tough stuff, let's hope I don't jack this up too!

I wanted to knit at lunch today. But there was no time. It's quiet like a morgue there lately. Quiet like death sort of squashes any desire to be knit in public. I will just have to wait to unleash my crazy in the crazy of my home.

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  1. I love that Stripe Study shawl too. It's in my queue!

    I had to frog my current project, the 80's baggy sweater tunic thing in the KP Aloft. Back to the drawing board.