Wednesday, April 13, 2011

World's Mildest Jalapeno

I ate the world's mildest jalapeno.

Lu swung by my desk at work -- back on her supermodel diet decided to see if she could pawn off half of her carbs (*ahem I mean Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich) on me.

Aww sweet lady, she could. Though my lazy beast belly was rather odd this morning (which I blame on the cassoulet, but not really since it was sooo good) I was still hungry.

She gave me ALL her cilantro and ALL her jalapenos. Ahh nice lady.

Yes the jalapenos had seeds. No they were not cooked.

Yes they were the mildest jalapenos in the world.

And hell yes, I finished the sandwich.

*The cassoulet came from here: Chez Papa during my lovely afterschool date with Lu.

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