Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was tired this morning, but I slept well.

I could've done with some lounging. A nice fat cup of Capricorn's Kona coffee and the local news. The Manfriend rifling some kind of periodical next to me. Maybe a few rows of knitting.

Alas it was Thursday and 'twas not to be. Manfriend was already showered and picking out the longsleeve to another long day of that working for a living crap.

Me: Dear, you are my mashed potatoes.

Manfriend: Aww that's nice, but no! no! I am your braised chicken in white wine with celery root instead of fennel.

Me: Yes dear you are. That was very nice.

Manfriend: Yes it was. I was pleased. It did take a half hour longer than I expected.

Me: It was lovely dear.

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