Monday, April 4, 2011

Push up Regimen: Episode Dos

Okay so I admit the second attempt was really bad.

The regimen was this sent via email:

 -- ellen, you should do the following 5 sets tonight:

     6, 8, 6, 6, 7+ (i.e. 7+ = 7 or more)

bah ha HA! is what I said and say.

I tried anyhow. I did, I swear to god I did my best to think about my form even if the elbow dips were tiny. I asked Man friend for help again. He looked slightly repulsed, but it may have been that I was sort of making out with the hardwood floors again while he was trying to brush his teeth.

He gave me some quip comments ahem I mean tips, a brief demo in the air and then said, "Why don't you just do the GIRL ones?"

argh. oh geez. man. hit me in the boob why don't you? Okay whatever. I need to put a check in the checklist box.

I found I can't do girl very well either. *sigh.

It's true. In fact b/c my fat arse is so ... fat all that weight on my knees was WORSE.

So I concentrated again on my elbow dips and they were sad and small and not exactly the above mentioned numbers. I felt sadness well within. I tried to tell myself it was because I was tired and waited to do them before going to bed. I don't think coach will be okay with it.

I checked my email late Sunday night because I don' tknow I was looking for something, and I was so shocked by what I found, I can't recall at the moment what I was looking for. What I found was this.

   hello soldiers,
-- harrigan, you should do the following 5 sets:

   9,12,9,9, 11+

-- ellen, you do:

   7,10,7,7, 9+

I may have forgotten to mention that harrigan is on the regimen too. I asked him if he did set 3. He said no, he was aiming for a M, W, F schedule. I jumped on that bandwagon. Um yeah! me too! me too!

Then he said he was thinking about tacking on identical set but for sit-ups since he loves the beer. Now what kills me is Harrigan strikes me as a workout kind of guy. He's fit. And now I have to realize this jerkoffsky is NATURALLY so. The regimen is his attempt at improving personal fitness. bastardo!

So I says, "Why are you such an overachiever."

I know Coach HM is going to ask me if I did my weekend push-ups. I know she will give me the side-eye when I tell her that I am saving them for tonight, that I'm getting on the M, W, F, Harrigan plan... I know when I try to tell her, it's okay, because I swam on Sunday she will say it won't count. Just like on Thursday when I went to the yoga...

I will have to try again tonight, just so I can look Coach in the eye tomorrow, Ha!

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