Monday, March 29, 2010

Aloha, now let me sleep ...

I would like to say that once The Man got us to the security line at the airport I stopped my whining. Alas, I would be lying. But a SME is always perfecting their craft.

Once I let go of the dirty that was the unfound camera battery charger and the bad iPod loading experience, The Kid and I embraced the airport. We got our water, some extra gum and looked at the sad sandwiches in our section.

We didn't push our way onto the plane w/the other cattle we didn't have much so settling in was easy.

The Kid was initially happy with snacks, a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and lego minifigures.

But alas we had problems with the ipod, though all the things appeared on the menu if we tried to play/select wouldn't play. The Kid was frustrated and sad, but a good sport in general. I'll try to take it to the Apple store in Honolulu to see if they have any recommendations. I'll try to research how to create a secondary profile for an already registered User. Seems simple, but that takes time ...

My parents greeted us and unfortunately we couldn't go to the Thai Temple for our traditional post flight lunch. They were closed for the winter. However we got a fantastic traditional Mom lunch, with lots of my favorite stir-fried peasant vegetables and crispy meats.

Ahh. Now I just need to practice napping.

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