Wednesday, March 31, 2010

an AMAZE-ING time in progress

Yesterday the weather was iffy. I guess that is how it is in the tropics, are we going to get any sun, a lot of rain, will it be too windy to fish?

The Kid said we should go do the Pineapple Maze and see if we could find all the clues this time. (Since last time we went, we go 6/8, due to rain.) Mom and I thought it was a perfect plan since it was Central and maybe the wind would be a little more forgiving.

It was a fun activity. We rode the "Dole" train and the Kid danced in his seat to the Hawaiin music. We let him take pictures of the different varieties of pineapple and bought some random Pineappleish-overpricey snacks at the gift shop. We mastered the maze getting 8/8 in 58 minutes. Mom and The Kid were so fast we were often separated because I couldn't keep up. Damn, outpaced by the old lady and The Kid.

Enough sunshine and time after lunch at home, we went back out to the local beach and the 3 of us swam. Mom even chatted up the lifeguard.

The Kid and I talked about the power of the ocean when we were doing evening sticker book. He said it gave him energy.

I have to say he's right.

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