Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Minute Me

The Kid and I are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning to see Khun Yai and Grampa. I checked with the boss to see if timing would be okay months in advance, double-checked with The Man Friend and bought tickets before the Spring Breakers drove the prices up any higher.

My plans always start off alright.

Packing list in excel was started two weeks ago, with minor adjustments daily. The orange duffle was pre-packed 2 days ago, and I just had a few things to add and a few things to take away.

Friends of ours took The Kid for the day after soccer, and I pulled out all his favorite things and was feeling pretty good.

Now all I needed to do was copy the audio books to the computer and upload them to my ipod, which was now going to become The Kid's and move files from the man's ipod and put them on there and maybe download a few "cool things", like Batman episodes and Michael Jackson's greatest hits.

Well, Harry Potter is going to make me scream, since just trying to get the discs loaded using windows media player (this is where The Man just shakes his head, when I say I can move the files around easier.) is recognizing more than 2 discs as disc 1 and we are now having overwriting issues. And I am very crazy, because how much would it burn to have 2 chunks of the same part of the book and miss one? It would burn like a wildfire it would.

Well I think I circumvented things with renaming folders the first book, but the second book is quite uncooperative.

Man friend waits impatiently for me to finish this task (which must be finished tonight, simply because it's war now.) So he can see how he can work around iTunes to use my old Ipod as The Kids.

Gosh this is boring, but I think my friends sans Mlouis are grateful that I have not called them all to bore them to tears with this misadventure.

Now I could've done this all last week, or this week, but I had important things to do like knit, drink wine and eat and sometimes all three at once (with clean hands.)

I have a headache now, and I'm definitely going to forget something. Let you know later.

Calgon take me away.

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