Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Knitting Thwarted

Knitting can be challenging on any holiday, when you're not say, just locked in a logcabin alone. But there is always some downtime and I figured well, 5 hours on a plane, I had some knitting time.

Lets just say somewhere in Row 5, on the second pattern repeat, my Knitting powers failed. I was off count, I couldn't back out without making more mistakes and, I couldn't recognize a row since the same row is used over and over again. I spent the rest of the trip trying to back it out and compensate and detangle. I decided to watch half of New Moon. (Wow that's a lot of teenage angst. Underclothed teenage werewolves make me uncomfortable.)

I love when Knitting is relaxing like this. .

Well, fine I'll work on it later that night. We take the kid to feed bread to the big fish down the road, and then we take him to a pier to go fishing. After cleaning up we go downtown and my parents take The Kid to the Lego Store.

By the time we finish dinner The Kid and I are both sleeping in our dishes. Determined that I am, after tucking him in, I stay up with my Mom and have a glass of wine to work out the knitting.

By 11pm, I've managed to recover, AND to make a similar mistake on a different row. So really, I didn't progress more than a few rows.

I wanted to cry.

I opted to sleep.

Why didn't I bring a mindless knitting project incase of moments like this? Why didn't I pack a pair of size 6 needles since the project isn't really opening up like it should anyhow? Because I didn't want to pack too much. (though I bought a pair of unnecessary jeans yesterday ...)

So at midnight, I channeled my anxiety and went to sleep to wake up every hour, with random "where am I? what happened to my knitting? did henry just fall out of the bed?" dreams and dealings.

Then The Kid woke up at 5am. and pet my hair till 5:30am and ran out into the livingroom to play and read.

In the back of my mind, I just want to sit with my sparkly, somewhat scratchy, skinny, annoying ass yarn. But it will have to be after some Beach time with The Kid. Cleaning with Mom and prepping and cooking for 10. Mom and Dad had an unexpected dinner party. But it will work out, nice people, simple dinner that Dad requested anyways and The Kid would have his beach in the a.m.

Ta Da!

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