Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bird food and fish food and yarn for me

After The Kid fed the birds in the backyard this morning, we went for a nice walk down by the water for breakfast. The Kid is like Snow White, the birds follow him everywhere.

But when my mother pulled a loaf of bread out of her bag after breakfast to feed the fish and the birds at the park ... it was crazy! The kid pointed out the bird apartment building. However when I tried to take a picture, only a few residents remained.

We gathered up our beach belongings and drove back to the old side of the island. Winward. We had to go to the Marine Corps Exchange first ... for more bird food for the backyard. The Kid got a toy out of it, natch spoiling granny ... and granny got a floatation device. hmm.

Then we drove to Kailua and we got knitting needles for Mom so I can reteach her the basics, and I got some *cough* yarn. But Mom got more stuff than me!! She claims the novelty yarn is for her handmade leis. I say ... she's just hoarding. hahaha. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

After that we went fishing at their old favorite spot, and this time we had success!

I had success as well at backing out my latest lace fiasco and making tracks to make up for lost time (or rows in this case). I don't fish. I can, I mean, I just ... well, sitting there waiting is not really a good sport for me. I can't even watch t.v. without something in my hands... But I didn't want to be off-site either, seeing how neither one of those two can sufficiently swim. Did I mention they are both accident prone?

Clock watching (because that is what I do apparently this is what I do in leisure or in occupation) I told them to pack it up so we could get some Kailua beach time. (fishing spot is across the st.)

After Lo's trip I was very excited about returning. She reminded me just how beautiful that place is, what a beach town beach it is. I have such great memories of this place, and it is so gorgeous and mellow. I have a picture of the Kid in essentially the same spot for our past 3 trips. So I had him take 1 more ...

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