Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vitamin D and Salt Water prescribed.

When you tell people you're going to Hawaii, the immediate image is of bright blue watered snorkeling trips to the beach. Mai tais at sunsets and floral wraps and flip flops.

Usually this is near the truth, though I prefer wine to maitais. However weather.com predicted cloudy windy weather, and SFGate (aka sfhate) was predicting 10 days of rain.

Well, we've had something in between, but thankfully the tropics are forgiving, and even with wind and rain, it's lovely.

Every day at 7:30 am and pre-dinner post work The Kid and The Colonel feed the birds in the backyard. The colonel has been in training downtown so he has made the Kid in charge of morning feedings to his great delight.

Yesterday Mom drove us to a little beach on base where we were determined to hang out till it got too cold. Between sandcastles, and sprinkles, The Kid and I ventured into the water. "warm" but not as warm as we've had it here before. There were destroyers passing through the estuary to the harbor there were planes from the airport landing and jets practicing take off.

The kid practiced swimming for me and we sat together in the water watching it all as the sun broke through, every now and again.

I felt refreshed. It wasn't postcard weather, but I felt literally lighter, happier from being in the sun and the water. We were both browner in a short amount of time and laughing a lot easier.

Wind and no sun it won't matter, I think that convinced us we'll find another day down at the beach.

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