Monday, March 1, 2010

Talking About Fatigue

So I need to tell you I'm running on fumes, fumes I tell you. The rundown is like this -- yesterday I had a second party for The Kid. It was our family this time. This meant a lot of cooking and cleaning. More cooking and less cleaning than the kid party. Hey, they are family! They KNOW how we really live, why fight it?

Now this happens after my dear father was admitted to hospital this week. He is home now, thankfully (Prognosis still outstanding) So my father again has mastered the ability to make me fret! And he can't even ground me anymore!!

This is also after our sink went out! Which My fabulous man/friend/room-mate bff first took apart on Friday and had working. Then upon Saturday morning breakfast failure, came home after a long hard day's work and completely replaced the faucet.

Saturday I went with Pearlcream and Shing to the Stitches West Market ... SO MUCH FUN, but so exhausting.

I'll have to follow up with a post on that later. I'll start by saying, Shing should never be left alone in one of those and I should pay Ms. Pearlcream some service charge for everytime I ask her what yarn color I should choose.

Must go finish being exhausted now.

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