Monday, March 22, 2010

Knitting Disappointments and Bad Pie.

Things started off well this weekend. My daily lunch and evening knitting progress was getting me somewhere on at least 3 of 4 ongoing projects I had. I was sure I would be able to complete 3 of them this weekend. Start a new one, and make some tracks on the baby blanket from hell.

I wish I could be happy with the fact that the Destroyed Cowl looks more Cowl than Destroyed with my "visible" Kitchener seam (instead of join). I wish I could be happy that I finished my first pair of handwarmers in the round, and hey! they even look matchy-ish!

Alas No!!!! BOOOOO!

My Infinity Scarf is more a Mopey Moebius, or Twisted Sister since it's too twisted to even be a Moebius. Dear God, such pretty yarn wasted. I'll give it to the Goodwill. Maybe someone more good and willing can put up with it, and if it goes in the bin, at least it's the bin of good will (haha get it?)

But even that I'm okay with, since that pattern has been completed before. It is the pie cowl. Again I feel like I'm constantly haunted by Pie. Crappy Pie Crust all my life. Misunderstanding all Pie metaphors in the American English Idiom dictionary. Forced to pretend I like any pie w/o whipped cream and feeling vilified for not liking fruit pie enough.

Where was I? Oh yes, Pie Cowl. A super cute pattern from Ginny U. @ Urban Knitting Studio. I went it to buy needles (isn't that how it always starts) and then I saw her beautiful cowl and it's unique bind (kinda like a pilsbury crescent roll, but so much jauntier. She selected these beautiful rusts and browns, exclaimed she just finished the pattern and said ... "super easy! super fast! two yarns together knit like a quick chunky!"

"SHUT UP?!?" I say, "WHICH YARN?" I say.

Selecting some lovely colors if I might say, I go home satisfied. Let's just say, I think my basic math sucks, you know stuff like ... counting. The first time, I thought I had at least figured out what I did wrong on row 25 / 39. I was pleased. I figure, oh heck, I can frog this and get back here in no time. I know I can do it now.

WRONG, again. *sigh.

I Knit and W&T dutifully. I get to row 25 and things seem to go well ... yay!

I begin knitting row 27 and ... uh oh. not so good.

And now I have been extra salty for 2 days. I really need to take up some kind of cardio that doesn't involve anxiety.

I will give Pie one last go. But I'm also okay with frogging it and not starting again. Not trying to conquer it. The yarn is beautiful so it will find another way.

And I just found out that Helen is closing Urban Knitting Studio at the end of the month. She is off on her next adventure and project in life. I wish her good luck, for all her kindness and laughter she's shared with me. But I'm mourning more than just my pie now...

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