Friday, March 5, 2010

Gluttony vs. Sloth

WTF moment ... again. When it was ventured by my hygenist and dentist I could try Invisalign to deal with my crowded bottom teeth. I was nervous. I thought about pulled teeth, pain, and of course, hunger.

I don't do hunger so well.

Anyways after being assured that they wouldn't need to do any teeth removal, I would still be able to eat what I wanted to, (just have to be more dilligent about brushing afterwards) and then NormaJean said, you'd be surprised how many people lose weight wearing them. I thought shucks, why not.

SO VAIN! I KNOW! I'm embarassed. But I figured this would be my best chance at flossing like a normal human being. It also completely helped that my insurace covers a majority of it as well. And let's face it, this may be my only chance at being thinner without trying too hard.

So here I am ... with these weird bumpy bonder things on my teeth coated in plastic trays that make me feel like i'm drooling all the time. And truthfully, it's tedious stuff taking them out, brushing, brushing them, rinsing, putting them back in. I practically carry half a dental office into the bathroom w/me at work during lunch time.

But I've also been really, really hungry. I realize JUST how much sport snacking I do. Stressed about finishing something in time? I snack. Bored because I'd rather be knitting? I snack.

I kind of knew I am this way, since I notice I'm not nearly as hungry or hungry as often during the weekend. Go Figure.

So the question is this. What will win out? Gluttony or Sloth. My laziness to have to go through that cleaning ritual everytime I want to have a crunchy snack, let alone have a cup of tea or coffee. OR do I break down in despair and hunger and learn how to clean my teeth and trays super speedy-like and be pleasingly plump BUT with straighter teeth a little longer?

(I really will do the cleansing ritual, because the thought of "coated teeth" or sealed in sugars eroding my enamel, gives me the heebies in an irrational way.)

After all innovation was born from laziness.

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