Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fat Girl Fridays that last a week ... and how to make it better.

Last week Friday, I was feeling mopey and tired and impatient. I know these are phases and one must focus on the positive and not give into the general malaise that is the moody petulant teenager within.

However by Sunday when I was feeling my pettiness grow unreasonably, and I was fighting myself to sleep on Monday, and Tuesday I wore a skirt simply because I didn't like the way that pants felt on me -- I knew I was in trouble. Fat Girl Friday was showing it's chronic tendancies.

Well hell if I'm going to waste anymore time on life-downers. I already work, don't spend enough time doing things I really enjoy with people I genuinely care about. I'm a simple girl, I got a lot of things that make me happy. So FOCUS:

1. My kid did HELLA good on his progress report with his parent teacher conference this week and even though he may need penmanship lessons for life, something inside his brain is clicking and working and he's happy and still looks to hold my hand on the sidewalk.

2. Man-friend still tolerates my ass, even when I am having extended, needy, Fat Girl Fridays, and demand to know why he isn't nicer to me. He'll even opt to make me a snack when I'm whining about frogging knitting projects. I forgive him for drying my fat girl clothes -- which will definitely not fit proper now.

3. Yarn. Oh savior thank you. New things, better things, happy, lighter and even sparkly things. 2010 will be the spring and summer of lace. I already have two shawls started. We'll experiment with more cottons and maybe I'll get crazy style and try a silk cotton blend. ooo. Kappy might just teach me to read a chart. Better than meditation my favorite stationary exercise is always with Yarn.

4. Happy Dinners with the cool kids. I love eating duh. But I love eating in good company. Whether it's birthday dinners with the Triad crew or potlucking at Mlouis and planning the next "Chicken Night" with Wingman. The prospect of the next happy meal is dreamy. I like to eat Ramen with Pearlcream or The Boys and Roast big fat crispy organic chickens and rendered pork belly with my sister. Mmm food.

5. Things to come! This encompasses all of the above, and includes things near, and far. Upcoming events like:

Spring Break in Hawaii with The Kid visiting my own H.A.A.M. (hard ass asian mom) and The Colonel! It's a quick trip, but it will be lovely I already know.

The Triad has TWO birthday dinners it's planning for next month AND El Diablo and I are looking forward to our next spontaneous snack night. (kind of like happy hour, but with drinks optional for the teetotalers.)

Playdates with HM and Pearlcream -- doing nothing or anything we want by curfew.

The Colorado Cousins are coming for some California Summer Vacation and to visit with Dad et al East Bayers. I haven't seen them in 3 years. So it will be neat to get together and see our kids get together.

Finishing the planning on Family Vacation with The Boys. If we stick to our August Dates, NYC is looking like a no-go and we are back to the Pacific Northwest Road Trip. Perhaps this is why I keep dreaming about station wagons.

Anyhow, after reading Crazy Aunt Purl today I realized that the funky doesn't need to be THAT funky. I encourage you all to get out and about. Knit, run, read, pet your cat (or your yarn) for a few mins. Look at someone you're thankful in all your Hallmark card glory and get back to it. Really, not only could it be worse, it's not THAT bad ... yet.

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