Monday, May 3, 2010

Latest Lessons

1. Appropriate Mourning Periods, and Suitable Points of Surrender.
I have decided to give myself until May 15th to find my digital camera before I launch into retail mode and buy the one I have been not so secretly coveting on the Canon S90.

2. My chocolate cookies made w/semi-sweet baker's chocolate is not sweet enough. My brownies made with unsweetened baker's chocolate is too sweet. And do not split batter into two squares because you do not have a long rectangle pan. And do not sprinkle w/additional mini chocolate chips and white chocolate, to make it look pretty. It won't look pretty at the end, and it will be too sweet. Embarrassing!

3.Paranoid possibly. Paranoia, is a reflection of my own insecurity and social uncomfort. Not just with new people, because I replay conversations in my mind with people I have known longer than a few years.

4. That even without my child, my ability to procrastinate is really amazing. I can be bewitched by Tween Movies on a beautiful Saturday Morning.

5. My Exercise and Sunshine tolerance is really low right now. I fell asleep yesterday during the Sharkies playoff game, upright in my beat-up chair. I swam and walked around in the sun w/the family. You would think week 3 at, weekly sustained exercise I wouldn't be so narcoleptic. Of course I ended up not going to bed until 11:30! loser.

6. Summer/Spring Refreshing Wine 2010. I skip the rose this year and return to Sauvignon Blanc, which is nice, b/c it goes with so much we spill into the cooking. And I have gotten granny enough to not blink when dropping ice cubes into a juice glass b/c "it's not cold enough." Can you say, "Wino?" Functional that is.

7. I like grampa jokes. And I will shamelessly slather them on any who pause long enough in my presence.

8. What's really annoying this week: Dinner Menu blockage. Why? Because there are things that must not go to waste that must be cooked. Because there are items that don't really go together in the fridge. Because when I'm blocked on the menu, I'm blocked on the shopping list. And that is a travesty for all.

9. I can never knit enough.

10. More Old Lady Comments coming from my ego confused mouth. I know I talk like a grampa and a bitch H.A.A.M. (hard ass asian mom) sometimes, but I also can prattle on about random happy things that really I probably should've outgrown over 10 years ago. But we were lunching at Monk's Kettle yesterday, and I got the window seat watching all the sunny, happy, hipsters walk by and I was surprised at how much make up everyone wore. How much hair product is coming back! Like wowzers, edgy and alternative to me always meant, "i don't give a lot of F*." which I likened to not trying so damn hard. Slacker? I guess that was then.

Anyhow! (PHew even I'm still working through the above paragraph.)

Lots of makeup. Like "can't kiss animals or babies" make up, "i can't afford to get a drink thrown in my face and still go home with this cad" make up. or "i'm not going to do anything that makes me unnecessarily sweat, which may or may not include going home with the cad or running away from said cad."

and really how much fun is that? ;)

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