Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Bandanna Shawl

As I was visiting, I mean reorganizing my yarn this weekend, I came across some yarn tidily tucked up in a perfect size plastic bag. Kid Haze and some sparkle stuff with a line pulled out of each was ready to go.

I got this yarn so nicely prepared by a now closed LYS. The owner was one of those creative driven people that decided to take all that talent and creativity and drive and pursue something else. Who are these people that can't handle success in just one place? ;)

The yarn was for a free pattern by G, one of the people that worked at the studio. I was still REALLY green at knitting, but the owner was so supportive and was like, "trust me, you can do this." It's so soft and sparkly at the same time, I took the yarn and ... hoarded it. God knows, at the time,  I was probably struggling with some bad lace pattern with acrylic yarn not purchased there. Ha!

Anyways, I thought this is perfect! A triangle quick knit shawl on US 13 needles. Soft! Fuzzy! Slightly sparkly! Yay!

It's proven relaxing and fun, and a great distraction to weaving in ends on 3 pairs of handwarmers and a Neck Scowl.

The funniest thing is I've had at least 3 people see me knitting the beginning of it and say, "Oh what's that?" and I look at and say, "It's pretty huh?"

But they don't see it. "It's going to be a triangle shawl."

"Oh," --  still giving me a blank expression.

I take out my, now precious free pattern and wave the end picture at them and they say, "Oh!"

I am totally going to use this pattern as a stash buster for some random yarns I've pulled into the stash.

Pattern and Photo by Ginny Uyesugi for Urban Knitting Studio

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