Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Attempts

I was up early this morning. The Kid had his friend JB spend the night and they have been shooting nerf guns, building legos and listening to Harry Potter. (I have been listening to Harry Potter too, I get sucked in and suddenly all chores come to a grinding halt.)
Anyhow, there I was making sausages, cinnamon rolls and blackberry breakfast, debating between coffee and tea when I thought, what am I going to do today ... with children? But I don't have to do anything. They pretty much entertain themselves. I throw some chow on the table and remind everyone to wash their hands and say "No" when necessary. You know, like the bug creator oven dug out of the closet that both Man Friend and I told the Kid to NOT dig into. Or shooting the "Cannon" in the kitchen or at me. The kid is a sweetheart and a really good influence for Henry. He's a very good guest, and if his manners rub off slightly without our kid tarnishing his ... yay team.
I thought I would knit, but got distracted by dishes. And then JB said he's allergic to bunnies, and I went to double-check my yarn and see if it was angora. Anyways, I ended up starting to sort through a large stack of paper on my desk and then ended up on my computer.
Do you see where this Saturday is leading? To half ass attempts left around. Ugh. But if I just do a little bit and FINISH that little bit it will be okay.
... Is that something sparkly over there? ... Where is my water glass. Hmm.

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