Friday, January 28, 2011

Exactly What is Knot Happening

It'll tell you what's not happening, stuff that I understand but am rebellious towards. For example:
  • First swim in a long time is much more painful as you get older. You can begin to feel sore on your way home from the pool. I'd like to blame it on my "knitting injuries" which is essentially sitting on my butt. But wait, knitting is kind of like muscle isolation right? *Sigh, I wonder how many more of these swims it's going to take to ache less. Looks like this mommy is havin' an advil cocktail at some point in the next 24 hrs., hmm. maybe 12  or ...
  • I love the pretty things in my chocolate jar at work, with their pretty seasonal Valentine's day wrappers: peanut butter, cookies and cream, and chocolate cherry swirled hearts. I would be surprised if I end up eating even one of them.
  • Friday ADHD day. I have nickel and dimed at a million tasks today and have nothing completed. Loser. Monday will be intense. Yesterday was a depressing document review, I suppose this is called improvement.
  • All week long it is has been sunny and mildly warmer, you know that nice 68 or so that we love out here in the Bay Area. Did I get out? No, I did knot. I was a shut in for the lunch hours. Anyways, I managed to wear a skirt today, comfortable enough to feel like wearing jammies without actually wearing them. The sun has never really broken through.
  • I have not knit more than 2 rows altogether in a combined 4 day. This must be amended.
  • I have not pre-cleaned before my parents arrival this Sunday. There is a chance they will not come over until Monday. This might be in my favor. However it means I cannot roast a chicken until then. The colonel always likes me to roast a chicken when we visit together, which I think I've mentioned before. Since roasting a chicken brings me much happiness, like an easy 4 row repeating pattern ... this is not a problem, I look forward to it. I do not look forward to grocery shopping.
  • I need to get my hair done. You know, cleaned up, and un-grayafied. However trying to schedule this has not been easy. I went and stood comparing the various shades of brown in the aisles of Walgreen's. Wish me luck. Hair and science experiments will take place this weekend.
  • Craft night is tonight w/the SF Crafty Beavers and I soo want to just lay butt to cushion somewhere, anywhere in my house with my advil and listen to whatever Harry Potter Audiobook The Kid is obsessing on now. I love craft night. I will go and be happy and I did, and I can put my butt on a cushion with The Kid dodging chores tomorrow.
It's not that I'm not doing, but it's that I'm fixated on what I'm not. Instead of "wisely using my time and energy" as I always prattle and preach on to my poor kid and husband, I am flitting and fleeting and would probably be bleating if anyone would actually be charitable enough to listen to me ... again.

(Note between the last few bullets and here I transfered money into both the Old People's Account and the Future Therapy or Grand Tour or I want my own apartment ... NOW Account. Guilt people is just another form of shame.)

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