Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crazy callin' it like it's Crazy

Yes I am knitting crazy. I am knitting on MUNI, I am knitting waiting anywhere I have to wait.

I am treating myself to knitting daydreams and reading knitting blogs between my daily sets of "have to".

And that is when I came across true confirmation of Knitter's Kray Kray aka Crazy.

See here:

Cool picture with craft in appropriate domestic environment? Check.

Cute Cat picture with cute craft? Check.

Fancy Yarn? Check.

More cat references? Check.

WTF Moment: When I realize this project costs approximately $250 without shipping and these crazy ass knitting people make a blanket that the cat makes love to in one home, just to move it to another home for another cat to hump on. Seriously people? $250 not including shipping, it should come with a cat. Because obviously it must be a crazy cat lady spending that much money on yarn to be shipped for a blanket that is going to be ...

It's very circular, redundant and crazy.

I still want to do the project ... sigh.

1 comment:

  1. You can do it, just find some cheaper The blanket is beautiful. I have a cat so I guess I should spend the $250 on the yarn so he can sleep on it to. :-((