Monday, January 10, 2011

Signs of Fever

It's true, the glass eyes, the flushed face, the inability to do anything but sort of keep oneself  on a couch or chair ...

It could be The Kid's fever that I just finished nursing ...

Or it could be my Knitting Fever.

Saturday's half-assed attempts turned to serious productivity. I decluttered the desk (I was given a positive verbal rewarding from husband). I dropped The Kid at a friend's house to sleepover. I finished the day with a trip to Imagiknit, with a purchase price decreased thanks to a friend's generous gift and got myself supplies to make "Envy" and the "Gaptastic" Cowl. After that ... not done with productivity, I went to the grocery store on my way home to get fixings for Chicken and Dumplings.

I finished the bandanna shawl, that night.

The next day I worked on Envy while The Kid slept for 3 hours and snuggled with me on the couch as we listened to Harry Potter on his ipod. I made Chicken and Dumplings for the first time. It was OK. I will try another recipe another time.

The Kid wasn't eating or drinking very much. He was very lethargic, I knew it wasn't looking good. I shouldn't have been surprised when he came into my room at 2am and said, "I can't sleep! I'm so hot Mom! I'm burning!" Another dose of Tylenol, forced sips of water, and a gentle (but apparently burning!!) wash cloth wipe down ... We fell asleep together in his bed, with both the heater AND the fan on.

Monday was just Mom and Kid. Still couch bound, still weak and not very hungry, I knit and read aloud, while he just looked like a flushed, fluffy headed, big eyed sick kid. I finished Envy. I weaved in ALL the ends to the handwarmers, The Scowl and The Kid's vertical striping/funky proportioned camo blanket. (I told him he didn't have to keep it, since he uses the crocheted basket weave all the time. But he declined). He used it a little after the ends were finally done.

Not sweating, but finally thirsty, the fever spiked to 103 in the late afternoon. He was okay he said. And then it broke. I didn't have to prod him with a thermometer ... again. He was chattering to his father and asking for dessert.

I did two rows of a leisurely lace project and slept very well that night.
I dream of knitting and I dreamt of yarn.

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