Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Knitting Gungho is Gone.

Crap, this is going to be a short post. Short like HM short. ha! Therefore it shall be short and full of spirit!

~Sidenotetangent-thing: Another reason I like HM -- when she said to me, "I never noticed your grayhair. Perhaps it's because I'm shorter than you." Gotta love her.

So really my knitting gun-ho is failing me. My works in progress are making my eyeballs roll up inside the echoes of my brain.

The lacy stole in shiny pima cotton: Ugh Puh-Leeze. This thing is hibernating so hard it barely even waves from the depths of my In progress basket.

Harry Potter Sweater: I was going to keep it at 20" now I think I'm going to take the length to 22". I think the indecision on the dimensions has got my stomach in knots. After the first sweater failed attempt. I'm gun shy. I don't think Lu will ever forget the day I held up my sweater at the nail salon and she said, "I think you put the pocket on the back. Sheesh.

Arm warmers: Well I finished them and found a taker, Sister. She wants them. They look shorter on her arms than mine. I told her I need them to check the dimensions on another pair that are in progress right now. Really they just need their ends woven in. Ugh. The thing is the school secretary saw them in progress and said she loves them. I told her I was going to make her a circle scarf. She said she'd rather have arm warmers. Well who am I to argue with the client? So I started another pair, thinking I could bang them out fast.

Not so fast Ellen ...

Gaptastic Cowl: Seed stitch, I found my rhythm with this one. Even though I'm using US 11s and not US 13s, every row is a decided round of growth. On the other hand it's seed stitch. Tedious, boring and tedious. Seriously, I have no idea when this cowl will end. Hopefully soon, but that would mean you need to spend time on it.

So this is it right? Not so overwhelming, just uninspiring. I'd like to start Little Al's blanket. I even hiked myself up to Imagiknit after swimming on Sunday to get a longer pair of circular US 13, Addis. ahhhh. However I cannot take on a blanket with two other slow going projects on the in progress needles at the same time. Even the second pair of armwarmers in a new set of yarn is proving to kick my knitting ass. I have dropped/slipped stitches off the double points more than once and the yarn splits a little and is a variegated black, which is a puh-ain to re-needle. So I hear the Sweater Guru and HM and Lu tell me, why bother knitting something if there is no joy? Why indeed. There is no shame in casting on something else.

I think reading has put me back into some perspective. I think I will try to finish the back piece of the sweater. Then I finish up an arm warmer, which is supposed to be a gift. You know this just means I'm going to work on the cowl...

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