Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feeding the Stereotypes

I like to think that I don't support stereotypes. At least outloud THAT often, and when I do, I display enough context to get away with it.

It's all lies.

The Scene: 7:10am family breakfast table.
The Vibe: pressed for time, as one and only child eats one jam, and one nutella piece of toast for breakfast. There is a buffer since Dad is driving this morning. However it is possible Mother has used this buffer to let fluffy headed, cranky pants sleep a 10 extra minutes.

French American Father: Did you finish your homework?
The Kid: Hmm, I finished 2 pages.
Asian American Mother: Bring it here.
FAF: You have a lot you didn't do.
The Kid: Write me a note.
(parents exchange, "what a brat" expressions)
FAF: Finish your breakfast.
AAM: Finish your homework.

Kid is allowed a bite of toast between completing homework questions/problems. Face is covered in HM strawberry jam and Nutella, robe dusted with crumbs. Two pencils used.

End Scene

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