Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Whackiness

  • Lunchbox gawking at school is awesome. Last in-school day for me, I checked out Little Yo's lunch box and saw her nifty bento box small bites. We do something similar, but there were new ideas in there like small cut bits of bread. This has come in handy when The Kid has sworn off sandwiches. (He says he's taking a break, but he's been taking a banana break for 4 years now ...) So instead of just crackers for a "cheese board" bento, I've been making focaccio strips, and toast points and split and toasted buttered Epi leaves. It's also reinspired me. So it's not just deli meat and prosciutto wrapped breadsticks. We've gone to leftover drummettes and cooked sausages, but the pressure is now on.
  • I found myself saying, geez. I didn't knit at all because I read instead. The choices we make. I missed my milestones for The Harry Pooper Potter Sweater and completing the second handwarmer of a pair.
  • I'm having a really bad hair day. Staring at a spreadsheet that will not give me the answers I want, and trying to convince the developer I'm working with that this cannot be happening is not helping, in desperation for the right answer i put my hands in my hair every other minute.  I look very old and gray and floppy and stringy all at the same time. It's horrible. Thank goodness I'm thin! (Ha, SARCASM)
  • I have begun a toasted seaweed snack taste test. It isn't one of my formal ones where I have been writing down brand names, spreadsheeting them and ranking etc. Just more like, damn I need a non crunchy carbohydrated potato cracker snack. Voila. It started as seaweed handouts from various co-workers. And then I stole one from The Kid's lunch pantry. And now ... I will have to forage, because the obsession is at about 8.5 right now. There is room to grow.
  • The given: I need a pair of US 13 32". The truth: I have a set in 26" too short. The dilemna: Do I get them online or do I get them at the Local Yarn Store? I wanted to start the 1 row blanket this weekend.
  • Microwaved organic chix nuggets smell and taste like 6th grade cafeteria food. I ate them anyways.
  • This year all magical Red Envelopes will have $3 in them because it is the lucky number I am picking. I also checked with my cultural advisor and there is no hypocrisy to this.
  • I signed up for 2 5K walks in February. You know what that means, while a portion of my registration fees will go to various good causes, I'm still paying $30 to exercise and be somewhere at 8am on a Sunday. Wow, it's weird to expend so much energy on discipline. Ironic?

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