Monday, August 16, 2010

Back at Home

So I mentioned yesterday was cranky day. it was ... REALLY cranky.

Today was the first day back to work and THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

Getting The Kid out of Bed was a chore that took 3 attempts. I will remind both him and his father of this mercilessly this evening when I get the sad face for bedtime. I managed to brush his hair, but he didn't wash his face and he had toothpaste on it, I didn't see until we were at Market street hailing a cab.

That's right first day of school and we are hailing a cab.

Even better we're still late. I thought we had a chance when we first got there, because I saw the 4th and 5th grade classes filing into the building. However Henry is in the bungalow this year, and so essentially they walk 30 yards from line-up to their room. Teacher was not pleased with us. Can you blame her, parents that are tardy the first day ... this is supposed to be your shining best fresh start ... what does she have to look forward to from us?

There was the back to school breakfast for parents, which is basically recess for grown-ups. I couldn't make it to the coffee or to a few of my friends to say hello because I was totally caught up in the sea of other people and conversations. More reason to come early ...

Tomorrow, I will go with Man-friend he cracks the whip in the morning time. I need to get there early so I can build my confidence that it can be done.

First day of school lunch: Triscuts, Salami, Muenster, Strawberries, heirloom cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes, whole foods lemonade and organic cheese squares for the afternoon.

First day of school breakfast: boulange bun sliced in half, one with butter and Ama Pt. Reyes Blackberry Jam the other with butter and lavendar honey, 2 gummy vitamins and water. Mom: Half a cup of milk & sugar coffee

First day back at work: Angry that I was late for school. Happy b/c R-man bought me a cup of tea, when he ran into me at the cafe. How kind of a return is that? Lots of work. Sad the knitting group didn't meet w/o me last week. I will have to whip them into shape. Amazed at how much work I have to do.

First day back at work distractions:
1) Clams, I keep thinking about clams with white wine, parsely and LOTS of butter and garlic. Damn that sounds good.

2) An email that I wasn't expecting. I dont have to work on it's contents till the end of the week, but I keep thinking what it's going to take to work on it.

3) How boringo my lunch seems today, compared to how excited I was last night packing it up. I really think I'm not a back to back meal leftover person.

4) How cute Pearlcream looks, but I dare not tell her, because I don't want her cute to give me the evil eye. hehe.

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